Stories of how we’re making Whole Person Care possible.

Every day we’re growing Whole Person Care throughout Allina Health by building it on the best of what we’re doing today.

More than a website, a way of care.

Where people receive care is changing. To give customers what they need and to discover new tools for delivering Whole Person Care, we’re on a mission to rethink all things digital.

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Changing the way we think about clinics.

Envisioning a future clinic that brings Whole Person Care to not only our customers, but to each and every one of us.

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Making outcomes matter.

When reimbursement doesn’t exist for the type of care we want to give, we build it ourselves.

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Creating a better way to move.

There’s more to maintaining physical movement than treating what’s broken. MOVE is a pilot program built around services that help people move better, and gives customers an easier way to choose Allina Health.

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A renewed space to heal.

Seeing the need for a holistic approach to mental health and addiction, Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus is building new ways to care for the whole person — from a person’s first phone call for help to their transition back into the world.

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