Case studies in Whole Person Care

Where we’re headed as an organization is a reflection of experiences we’ve all shared when the best version of ourselves has been revealed, when a new idea has brought us closer to the care we strive for. These are the stories that planted the seeds of Whole Person Care.

When your doctors and nurses care about how you’re coping and not just how you’re healing, that’s Whole Person Care. When your plan for healing helps you let go of stress in your life, that’s Whole Person Care. When your therapy schedule is built around what you and your family need and not just your clinic’s openings, that’s Whole Person Care. The goal of Whole Person Care isn’t to treat an illness or heal an injury; it’s to give people the chance to live the lives they deserve.

Whole Person Care isn’t just something we’re working on for the future of Allina Health – it’s something we’re already doing. In fact, some of the work that’s been going on for several years at our Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute®, and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® has been our inspiration for making Whole Person Care part of everything we do.


At the Penny George™ Institute, care takes on a whole new definition.

Providers explore the benefits of practices like acupuncture, massage, meditation and exercise as a complement to all that Western medicine has to offer. Clients come to use when they feel sick, but also when they are well and want to feel even better. They are treated holistically from the very beginning. This is especially true when it comes to alleviating symptoms that could be the result of the illnesses they’ve been diagnosed with, the medications they may have received, or even lifestyle stressors. Clients can often avoid unnecessary medication, but, more important than that, they can also find new options for care that improve their quality of life.

“The people who work here truly embody the mission of integrative care—it changes the energy. We have a different kind of culture where we support each other so we can support our patients.”
Lana Abboud, MD
Integrative Psychologist

At Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute®, rehabilitation is about helping people reach their goals.

Their physical goals, yes, but also the goals they have for their families, work, and lives. Whatever their age or ability, people can count on Courage Kenny to support them for as long as they need a resource. From acute and long-term care, to ongoing therapy, reintegration plans and community services, the goal is to empower people to live life to its fullest.

“I feel connected to the therapists and everyone here, and that’s reflected in the care we provide to clients.”
Brian Post, Fitness Specialist

At the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®, cancer care means support throughout what can be a frightening and difficult time. Cancer care coordinators aren’t just there to schedule surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy appointments. They are there to help clients understand their diagnoses, cope with the emotional effects of having cancer, and understand what to expect as they go through their treatment plans. The Institute’s survivorship program helps people follow up on their care as they live life beyond cancer.

“I tell patients their cancer diagnosis is like being thrown on a roller coaster without a seat belt. I am their seat belt. I am there to keep them in the car, on the track and moving forward.”
Jill May, RN
Cancer Care Coordinator

These are just a few of the ways that Whole Person Care changes what happens in our clinics and hospitals every day, and changes the lives we touch for the better. They’re part of what inspired us to create a future for Allina Health that’s built around the people we help, and they’re an exciting portrait of where that future can take us.