Creating a better way to move.

There’s more to maintaining physical movement than treating what’s broken. MOVE is a pilot program built around services that help people move better.

Looking through the lens of Whole Person Care, it’s clear that how we define and structure our services doesn’t always match up with what our customers understand or think to look for when they need care. We tend to use confusing labels and present our services in ways the average person doesn’t understand or has a challenge navigating.

The result is that a customer with a condition such as joint pain, who simply wants the ability to move better and with less pain, is left to figure out how and where to enter our system for help. We’re starting to address this gap through a pilot program we call MOVE.

It’s exciting to see that we’re doing something I don’t see any other health care system in the area doing; offering a Whole Person Care solution based on the customer’s needs. That makes our offering unique.
Katy Victor
Senior Consultant, Marketing & Communications

MOVE makes it easier for customers to understand and access services that will help them with movement. It includes orthopedic services from our talented orthopedic specialists, and physical and occupational therapists. In addition, MOVE includes services that typically fall outside of traditional health care, such as yoga, acupuncture and massage. Together, these services can significantly enhance a person’s treatment, recovery and quality of life.

Conversations with providers, patients and support staff helped outline how patients move through the system and areas of the experience that could be strengthened.

Small visual cues—from signage to shirts—helps orient customers as they navigate the system.

We worked closely with the Buffalo, Care Coordination and SAOS teams to ensure we could operationalize the experience, and make it as seamless as possible from begining to end for patients.
Todd Wahlstrom
Manager, SAOS, Allina Health

With MOVE, we’re making it easier for people to understand when they need us and what we can do for them. Instead of expecting people to navigate care designed around our structure, we’re packaging our services in ways that eliminate confusion and provide a clear path to follow. Designed with the guidance of employees, providers and patients, MOVE is a creating a more customer-friendly, intuitive and integrated approach to health care.