More than a website, a way of care.

Where people receive care is changing. To give customers what they need and to discover new tools for delivering Whole Person Care, we went on a mission to rethink all things digital.

Today, people are increasingly turning to the internet for ways to manage their daily lives. Their health care is no exception.

More and more, consumers are taking their interactions with health care online and through mobile. We need to be able to respond, to stay relevant and competitive in the future. But there’s another compelling reason to rethink our digital presence: it could play a perfect role in helping us provide Whole Person Care.

Most of the factors that impact a person’s health happen outside of health care. Digital tools are an effective way to reach them there. Engaging with people outside our walls, during their everyday lives, is one more way for us to get to know and care for the whole person.

Based on front line interactions with customers, though, we knew our digital experience was going to need some work. Our public website,, was hard to navigate. Customers had a tough time finding what seemed to them should be the simplest, most important information. Using feedback from both customers and Allina Health employees, we began to piece together what a good digital experience should be. And in March 2017, we launched the first phase of our redesign.

“Many teams came together to work on this project. The focus throughout the effort was purely on our customer, including frequent testing with that audience. This project has and will continue to change the way we work. It’s fun to see transformation in action.”
Director, Information Services

This first step was a big one. The website’s navigation, layout, look and feel, were all redesigned to get people where they need to go, faster. We made the site more mobile-friendly. Top-of-mind functions like “How to make an appointment” are now simple to find and use. Even the voice and tone of the copy was adjusted to become more “you”-centric, to take the focus off ourselves and place it where it should be — on the customer.

The work doesn’t end there. Everything we learned during the first phase of the redesign has already laid the groundwork for our second phase, which is currently in its early stages. Even now, we’re listening to our customers’ feedback and measuring web usage to understand what’s working, what’s not, and give us ideas for other ways we can develop digitally, like apps, tools and services.

Looking back, our previous digital experiences had been built according to our own needs. In creating this new approach to digital, customers quite literally led the way. It focuses on what they need and expect from a modern-day health care company. Most importantly, a customer-centered digital strategy can help us discover new ways to provide Whole Person Care and help people live better than they thought possible.