Invest in our people & culture

We invest in our employees because of the importance they play in our success, now and long into the future.


Our employees are our single most valuable asset. By fostering a relationship-driven culture, we can help employees feel a stronger connection to the organization, their colleagues and the work they do. By supporting employees, we give them the freedom to focus on the reason we’re all here in the first place: to make a difference in people’s lives.

After all, we’re nothing without our people. Each and every one of us plays a role in meeting people’s needs and providing them Whole Person Care.


When you’re connected to the vision of Whole Person Care, you can provide an even better experience and outcome for patients we serve so that we all can affect the health of our communities.

Only together, in support of each other, do we make Whole Person Care possible.

We intend to foster a relationship-driven culture that supports Whole Person Care not just for the people we serve, but also for you. When you have the support you need, you can focus on what called so many of you to work in health care: to make a difference in people’s lives.

What does that kind of culture look like? Let some of the people and places of Allina Health show you how we’re making it possible.


John Halstrom

With a special instinct for understanding, and a remarkable way of making genuine connections with the people he cares for, Whole Person Care comes naturally to John.

Watch John’s story

Gio Martinez

Gio Martinez spent the first eight years of his life in war-torn El Salvador. Today, he brings his gratitude and sense of family with him every day.

Changing the way we think about clinics.

Redesigning clinics allows our patients and employees to experience Whole Person Care.

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Invest in our people & culture


Whole Person Care already happens in many areas of our organization and in the individual interactions between our staff and the patients and families they care for every day. These toolkit activities are aimed at helping people recognize and celebrate Whole Person Care so that we can work together to deliver it more consistently with our patients and each other.


Pick a story from above to read that relates to your work.


Pick a minimum of one discussion question to serve as a conversation starter with the group.


As an optional next step, choose a Put it into Action Activity – these can be performed on your own, at or away from work.

Invest in our people & culture


  1. Go to to listen to a podcast or watch a video and then talk about how you relate to or differ from this person’s story. Why is it important for others to understand your story?
  2. How does knowing your colleagues better help you grow and do your best work?
  3. Talk about how your colleagues or leaders make you feel valued. What are ways we could do that more often? What should we do less of?

Invest in our people & culture


  • Have a coffee or lunch with someone on your team you don’t know well.
  • Make a point to recognize a colleague (or colleagues) with a Spot Award or personal note.

Your Stories

The story of Allina Health is one each we write every day.
Submit your story below and share how you’re living out Whole Person Care.

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