The People Behind Possible

An inside look at the real lives and stories of the people of Allina Health.

To grow Whole Person Care more fully, it’s not enough to practice with patients. We must also nurture it among each other. The People Behind Possible is a series that tells the stories of the people who work at Allina Health. Just as our patients are individuals with unique hopes, goals and backgrounds, so, too, are our colleagues. The People Behind Possible gives us an inside look at the real lives and stories that make Allina Health employees the people they are and how they make Whole Person Care possible.

“It’s about relationships. You know, the more (time) that you spend talking to people and understanding where they’ve come from and where they’re going or where they wanna be, the more you really build a bond or a relationship with people. We need to know you to treat you the best.” – Liz Keck

Lindsay Borth

A lead pharmacy technician for Allina Health Home Infusion, Lindsay Borth is a meticulous caregiver who forges her own path, both at work and at home.

Meet Lindsay


Rachel Capeder

Rachel Capeder, a Compliance Program Manager at Allina Health, is a self-described nerd. A nerd who likes to bring her team together through her unique, creative talents. From charity fundraisers to celebrating March 14, also known as Pi Day.

Meet Rachel

Josine Durant

Josine Durant is a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital who feels a deep, personal connection to the ethos of Allina Health. Even though her work doesn’t involve treating patients, she takes seriously her role in making Allina Health the organization that listens—truly listens—to its patients and families.

Meet Josine


Pam Harer

Pam has been at Allina Health for eight years. As the lead pharmacy tech at Mercy’s outpatient pharmacy, she and her team keep one of the busiest pharmacies running like a well-oiled machine. But what keeps her running? Here’s how Pam unexpectedly discovered her zen.

Meet Pam

Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman has been an internal medicine physician for 36 years. Throughout his career, he’s blended his interest in science with a keen sense of aesthetics, proving that art and science aren’t mutually exclusive—in fact, they make each other better.

Meet Ron


Liz Keck

Liz Keck is a social worker at Owatonna hospital. To those who know her, she’s so much more than that.

Meet Liz

Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly is a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Allina Health, and a mother of three who shows everyone the bravery it takes to be your best self.

Meet Kris


Gio Martinez

Gio Martinez is a Medical Lab Technician who brings his gratitude and sense of family with him every day. And in turn, his work at Allina Health has instilled in him a larger sense of purpose.

Meet Gio

Mike McMahan

Mike McMahan, the president of St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, MN, has a hard-to-match discipline and a belief in people that inspires nearly everyone around him.

Meet Mike


Asha Mumin

Asha is a microbiologist working in the central lab. Originally from Somalia, she’s been with Allina Health for over a decade now. And she has a special appreciation for each and every day of those years.

Meet Asha

Brad Nelson

Brad, a Registered Nurse in Buffalo, has been with Allina Health for seven years. Along the way, he’s found a way to connect the good he does at the hospital with a passion he has outside of work: cycling.

Meet Brad


Jen Urbach

Jen has been with Allina Health for eighteen years. Today, she manages Pulmonary Rehab, Respiratory Therapy and Patient Transport at Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus. As popular and respected as she’s become by her staff and colleagues, Jen has a wholly separate fan-base outside of work.

Meet Jen