Liz Keck

“It’s about relationships. You know, the more time that you spend talking to people and understanding where they’ve come from and where they’re going or where they wanna be, the more you really build a bond or a relationship with people. We need to know you to treat you the best.”

Liz Keck is a social worker at Owatonna hospital who’s been with Allina Health for nine years. At least, that how she appears at the outset. To those who know her, she’s more than the average human.

Christine, a fellow social worker in Owatonna, has been working with her for almost two years now. And she knows Liz’s secret: Liz has super powers.

“She is go-go-go. Like, she doesn’t wanna waste any time of the day,” says Christine. “Not just in her professional life, but personal life. I mean, she has three teenagers, she has a farm, she has her bees, she’s with 4H. There’s so many things that she does for not only her kids and her colleagues, but just, like, the community. I mean, she’s everywhere.”

Liz Keck

"Super Powers"

Listen to: “Birds, Bees, Pigs” or read Liz’s story below.

In fact, Liz has a family farm where they cultivate soy, corn, sheep, chickens, 18 cats, 5,000 pigs, and several bee hives. The bee hives, which started out as a 4H project with her daughter, Emily, have become a passion for both of them.

“It’s all about protecting the queen and getting her to produce more bees,” says Liz, “so that they can store enough honey for the winter.” And the resulting honey? “It’s excellent. It’s better than the store-bought honey.”

Emily confirms. “I don’t like the store-bought honey, but I like our honey.”

Liz Keck

"Birds, Bees, Pigs"

And, on top of all that, Liz is also a volunteer on the board of a local women’s shelter called Lily Sparrow House. “The Lily Sparrow House is a place for women and children to come when they have no other place to come,” Liz explains. “And they provide them a warm bed, they provide them some food, and kinda get them connected to services in the community, so they can move forward with their lives.”

Whether it’s health care, bee hives, or volunteering, Liz’s whole life is a perfect manifestation of her ethos: put hard work in, and good results come out.

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Mike McMahan, the president of St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, MN, has a hard-to-match discipline and a belief in people that inspires nearly everyone around him.

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