Josine Durant

“My hope is that in my interaction with an employee or a leader…that I was respectful, I was empathetic, I was passionate. And I did it in such a way that I made it easier for them to go back and take care of whole patients.”

Josine Durant is a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital who feels a deep, personal connection to the ethos of Allina Health. Even though her work doesn’t involve treating patients, she takes seriously her role in making Allina Health the organization that listens—truly listens—to its patients and families.

“I grew up in a developing country. One of the downsides of growing up in a developing country is health care is not as good as it is in more-developed countries. And both my parents died in a hospital. So, I learned the benefits of having physicians and health care workers who listen to family members, who know those patients the best.”

Which is why Allina Health’s promise to put patients first holds special significance for Josine. “The commitment that Allina has to patients and families… and they’re committed to the Whole Person Care, which also includes the family. Allina Health promises to listen to me.”

Josine Durant

"Patients First"

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Part of providing whole person care, though, is bringing your whole self to work, too. For Josine, that means talking about her passion as president of the International Cavaliers Cricket Club.

So what exactly does the job of cricket club president entail? Josine hesitates for a beat, and then laughs, “Telling people what to do, basically!” Which may not come as a terrible surprise, until you learn one small detail: Josine doesn’t actually play cricket. Instead, she organizes tournaments and keeps everyone excited about spreading the love of the game. Which means the Twin Cities can expect to hear more about the game of cricket in the future.

Josine Durant

"Slip Slip Gully"

Josine loves sharing who she is with the people she works with – and she’s just as excited to hear about what makes them who they are, too.

“I mean, there’s just a richness,” she says. “And it’s just so much more fun to be around people who bring their different foods, their music, their dress, their beliefs, their religion, whatever it is. Just bring that entire thing into a workplace, I think, you know, what a better place to work.”


Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly is a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Allina Health, and a mother of three who shows everyone the bravery it takes to be your best self.

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