Mike McMahan

“That’s one thing I’ve been greatly impressed with is the passion and drive—and the talent—of people here.”

Mike McMahan, the president of St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, MN, has a hard-to-match discipline and a belief in people that inspires nearly everyone around him.

It’s an outlook on life that starts every day at 4:20 in the morning. Mike heads to a fitness studio to do cardio kickboxing and strength training. “Five days a week, and on Saturday I get to sleep in—I come in at 6,” he laughs. “Discipline and, you know, treating yourself right so you treat others right, is important to me,” Mike explains.

Mike McMahan

"Play Hard"

It’s a perspective he tries hard to instill in the next generation. Mike spends each Saturday morning coaching a boys’ soccer team. His belief in the players is apparent: “Whether we win or lose today,” he tells the boys, “this team will play hard.”

“He really looks for hard-working people,” says one of the boys. “He doesn’t look for skill. He knows that if they’re hard-working, then you can train them to be good.”

That ability to see potential isn’t just part of Mike’s leisure time. It’s part of his life at work, too. As he says of Allina Health, “That’s one thing I’ve been greatly impressed with, is the passion and drive—and the talent—of people here.” All of which are qualities he appreciates, particularly in those who lead. “I would say—and this is not kissing up to Penny Wheeler—but she’s passionate. And seeing her lead with passion and care, regardless of the situation, that’s who I want to work for. That’s who I want to be.”

Listen to: “The Optimist” or read Mike’s story below.

“As I go throughout life, as I work, I don’t see any obstacles or barriers. And sometimes that’s a weakness within myself,” he confesses. “Because I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m sure we can do this, let’s work on this. And not everybody always appreciates that so much, you know?”

But Mike has learned the value in being able to see beyond the problem in front of him. “I think it does open doors. And I think you learn things along the way by trying.”

Mike McMahan

"The Optimist"


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