Together, We Make It Possible

Our strategy is all about people and what’s possible. If we apply the genius of all of you, we can help the people we serve do more, feel stronger and live better than they ever thought possible.

When we talk about Whole Person Care, we are not talking about some new idea we came up with to improve the way you care for people. Whole Person Care is the kind of care we provide when we are at our best. Our strategy, then, is about making it possible for all of you to be at your best, all of the time.

Whole Person Care

An approach that recognizes all factors impacting health are connected – mind, body, spirit and community.


Compassionate support of mental and emotional well-being is integral to good health.


Care must be supportive of an individual’s beliefs and values.


Care often begins with a focus on maintaining or improving the body’s physical health.


Strong relationships are vital to living the best possible life.

We Make It Possible: Chapter 1

Growing Whole Person Care

Whole Person Care is built upon three pillars. Together, these pillars will guide us as we make our way into the future. Inside each you’ll find opportunities to read, listen, think and discuss.


customer care
& experience

We continue putting the patient’s experience and outcomes first.


Transform our
business to deliver
greater value

We're positioned to succeed by growing and performing in value-based care and developing new business models to advance our mission.


Invest in
our people
& culture

We invest in our employees because of the importance they play in our success.

Seeing each other as whole people

To create a culture of Whole Person Care, it’s not enough to practice it with patients. We must also nurture it among each other. Let’s take a moment to appreciate one another and get to know the stories of some of the people who make Whole Person Care possible.

Gio Martinez

Gio Martinez spent the first eight years of his life in war-torn El Salvador. Today, he brings his gratitude and sense of family with him every day.